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GenreCard Game, Educational
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Meaningful Choices, Multiplayer, Short


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censorship is the tool of Nazis and cowards

Thanks for your thoughtful comment. 

Censorship doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Nazis. 

Please let us explain what our game concept is about: The concept is about freedom of speech, which of course should be granted to everyone in principle. The game is about statements that might not just be left there as they are. 

Example 1: Donald Trump was banned from Twitter for a while based on controversial propaganda. 

Example 2: J. K. Rowling spreads her transphobic opinions, which will have an impact on many young people who admire her.

Is this a 'good' thing? What do you think? And this is exactly what our game is about. It's about the individual opinion of each player whether these statements should remain as they are or should be censored. We used such a drastic term on purpose and contrasted it with freedom of speech to provoke a reaction. 

 Thank you for your attention! We hope you liked the game concept. 

- Antonia and Tanja

i think you misunderstood me. I understand the point of the art, I'm just putting in my opinion on censorship as this is supposed to make you think about your opinions of censorship. do not take any of what I said as a attack as I meant no offence to your art.

Very interesting game. It´s definetly one of those games that are more a "learning about yourself " experience than just a fun little timewaster. I´m looking forward to see the polished version on the PlayStore someday!

the only thing that bugged me a little was the music. For some reason it didn´t convey the feelings and atmosphere I experienced while thinking about those, partially very serious, subjects. But thats still no reason to bypass this nice little game!


we will look into the music and might change it before release, if we come up with sth better! Thanks for the feedback, it always means a lot for us.

Yasmin, Toni, Nati & Tanja

Cool idea!

Thanks! :)


Interesting idea! I really like the chill vibe and atmosphere that comes with some of the more controversial quotes 😄
And I also like the idea of comparing your results with other players! 

I hope you keep it updated with many more quotes, so I can question my attitude towards Violence and Politics 😂

Nicely done and good work! 😊👍


Hey, ZerShooter!

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. It's very much appreciated.

We will make some updates on mostly regarding bug fixing. Later this year, we wanna publish the game in the Google App Store with much more quotes and a working community database.

We hope you stay tuned :)