A downloadable game

In The Cow Game you play a caring mother cow who needs to find its captured calf to bring it back home. Explore freely different areas like the forest, the mountain path, the lakeside and other regions. You can find different hidden objects, make rabbits follow you, experience a dark ritual and maybe make a close encounter. But be careful - dangers are waiting for you to get between you and your goal. The bears in their cave or the hunter are trying to chase you down. Can you prevent your fate and save your calf? It's already waiting. Go on an adventure with unknown outcome.

- EXPLORE the world

- CALL your calf

- FOLLOW the butcher

- COLLECT items

- TAKE CARE of your sanity

- MULTIPLE endings

We recommend playing the game with headphones as directional hearing is an important game mechanic that is supposed to make it easier for the player to navigate through the map. As this is our first commercial game release, we are looking forward to gain constructive feedback to improve the game after it has been released. If you have performance issues or other difficulties, feel free to visit us on our Discord server. Anyway - have fun playing!

Wishlist on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1521390/The_Cow_Game/