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The worst bugs have been fixed, but be careful with the ladders! They are tricky and you might fall through the ground. Currently, this game is under development, so please be a little bit more patient if you want to play a polished version (without bugs). We hope that you enjoy the concept! We are planning to drastically expand the project in the near future.


This atmospheric prototype was made during the sixth 48 h  Mini Beans Jam 2020 (Theme: "You Move the World"). It is recommended that you use a controller.

You are a mechanic and you must maintain the machines, otherwise they will stop moving and the world outside will be destroyed forever. Heat the ovens, exchange the water filters and release the steam. Many tasks are waiting for you and time's running out!


  • Resource Management
  • Steampunk Setting
  • ... and a lot of pressure (pun intended)!
  • VERY dramatic music
  • dense atmosphere


WASD | Controller Thumb Stick to move

ESouth Button to interact


Tanja Wiemer | Game Design, Level Design, Art, Narration

Yasmin Burkhardtsmaier | Game Design, Programming, Sound Design

Special Thanks 

Antonia Schmidt (Voice Actress)

Sven & Raphael (Motivation & Support)

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Heart of the Machine V0.2.zip 35 MB


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I love the aesthetic and atmosphere of this game! Looking forward to your work on this project! The assets so far are amazing!^^